Snapshot of Elegantly Chocolate website.

Elegantly Chocolate wanted a unique website that would showcase their handmade chocolates and fancy gift boxes. With the understanding that elegance is found in simplicity, we designed this site with a "tiles" concept. With a modern look and a visually attractive experience for visitors, this concept provides a simple and yet effective way to organize their content and images.

This design truly created a unique feel for this website because we were able to develop a different layout for each page and therefore producing a fresh look for all pages.

The use of elegant slide-shows effectively showcases the beautiful detail of their custom made products and are regularly updated to keep up with their seasonal chocolates and exquisite gifts.

Snapshot of Chateaux Builders' website.

This general contractor needed a website that could effectively market the wide range of construction services they provide while emphasizing the outstanding quality of their work and the high standards they have established for their client satisfaction.

Our approach for this website was to focus on content organization and usability. With this goal in mind, we designed a home page that effectively organizes their services into categories for easy review. This layout allows visitors to quickly gather the variety of Chateaux Builders' services and facilitate the client's search for the type of work they are seeking.

The content pages make effective use of high quality images to support the description of the services offered and the easy to read panels make the reading experience effortless. Users can easily find their place as they navigate the site and all pages are just a click away.

Snapshot of Podnuh's BBQ Restaurants' website.

When Podnuh's BBQ approached us requesting an effective website for their restaurant chain, it became immediately clear to us that we needed to create the look and feel of a smoky BBQ restaurant. However, it was also important to create a pleasant reading experience for all visitors and consequently we kept the design simple and uncluttered.

Podnuh's BBQ also hired our photography services to capture the look and feel of their restaurants and the quality of their smoked meats. As with all of our websites, our careful selection of images provided a compelling case for viewers to try their food.

One of the most notable elements of this website is the effective use of call-to-action messages throughout the site. These messages promote other areas of their site and mostly their catering services, providing suggestions for events and encouraging visitors to contact the catering hotline to get more details about their services. The effective way this site communicates to visitors, continues to make a positive difference for their catering business and restaurant traffic.

Snapshot of Tryon Dentistry's website.

Tryon Dentistry already had an informative website, but wanted to get more visibility with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Although their content was still current and educational, their website needed to be re-programmed to eliminate inefficiencies and outdated coding methods. We re-designed their website from a clean slate and adhered to the highest standards of web development to create a visually engaging experience for visitors while optimizing the site to obtain the best possible results with search engines.

The new design also created a more user friendly experience where visitors can easily find information about the services, their office, and staff. The well coordinated color scheme makes the website pleasant to view and easy to read. As with all of our custom made websites, we optimized a marketing channel for Tryon Dentistry that effectively represents the high quality of their services.

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